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American Cockroaches Infestation

American Cockroaches

The American cockroach is the largest cockroaches that infest our homes, it measures between 35 and 53 mm long, has a reddish brown color with the presence of features paler margins of pronotum (thoracic). The male is recognizable by its wings over her abdomen, while this is not the case in females.

The American cockroach uses a variety of foods, but she has a fondness for fermented foods such as beer.

The American cockroach prefers warm, humid, it can be found in the house, but it is more common in commercial buildings such as restaurants, bakeries, food plants and hospitals.

The female carries the eggs in an egg capsule (Capsule in which the eggs are kept) or let it stick in a crack or fissure where there is high humidity. On average, the female will produce 9 to 10 egg cases containing about 15 eggs.