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Germanic Cockroaches

Germanic Cockroaches

The Germanic cockroach is recognizable by its length of approximately 13 to 16 mm, Its color varies from bronze to light brown and has 2 dark stripes on the pronotum (thoracic). She has wings, but it is incapable of flight soutenu. La Germanic cockroach that is found most often in homes.

The Germanic cockroach uses a variety of food, she’ll even eat toothpaste, glue and other products of its kind that has some nutritional value.

The Germanic cockroach prefers warm places (21 ° C) and humid, is found in the home and in commercial buildings such as restaurants, bakeries, food plants, bars, hospitals, etc.. In fact, it is wherever it finds its food easily.

The female carries the eggs in an egg capsule (Capsule in which eggs are enclosed) it leaves a crack or fissure where the humidity is moderate (40%). The average female will produce about 5 egg pods containing on average 30 to 40 eggs.