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The queen is the longest measuring between 17 mm and 25mm long, the worker is between 6 mm and 25 mm long and finally, the male measures 10 mm and 17 mm long. The drone has a hairy body colors with distinctive black stripes and yellow stripes on the abdomen.

The bumblebee is an insect vegetarian. The adult bumblebee feeds on nectar, honey and pollen. The larvae feed on pollen and nectar mixture, which is called bee bread.

Bumblebees form new colonies each year. Only young fertilized queens overwinter. They come early spring to seek a suitable place to nest, a dark cavity of 2 inches by 3 inches, generally, it will be in the ground like a mouse hole abandoned.

The queen and male mating flight (spin), the queen will then lay up at the end of his days. The start laying queen with 8 to 10 eggs that will sustain itself, then when the nest contains sterile workers, the queen will attend exclusively to spawn until late summer.