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Polistes Wasps

Polistes Wasps

The polistes wasp measure between 16 mm and 20 mm long, either the queen or male. This species of wasp has no worker caste. The polistes wasp has distinctive yellow and black scratches on the abdomen.

The polistes wasp is an omnivorous insect.The polistes wasp feeds on nectar and insects.

The polistes wasp lives in nests constructed of wood fiber mixed with saliva. The nests are made of a single layer of cells not covered with cells opening downwards. The polistes wasp makes its nest in places as diverse as a shrub, under the branch of a tree in the attic, under the cornice and other protected places. Unlike other wasps, the queen polistes is attached and agrees to another queen polistes to assist in nest building and maintenance.

The inseminated queen overwinters buried in plant debris. In spring, the queen begins her nest to lay eggs until his death.